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"I never dreamed that I would be switching careers after 11 years of doing the same thing but that is exactly what I did when I started a new business in a totally new field. My weight loss gave me the courage to start fresh in all areas of my life, to reach out to my desires, and to inspire others to move towards their dreams. I lvove inspiring others to take the next step and know I am finally making an impact on this wonderful world we live in for myself and others! I am finally enjoying the game of life, full-out!" - Adele Good
"The Ultimate Game community helped me assemble a health team and focus on exercise and activity instead of diet. I started doing things I enjoyed and the pounds I had been fighting with for years were gone. And by continuing on this track, I've now gained 29lbs. of lean muscle, lost 15% body fat and I'm no longer a prisoner of the scale." - Diane Halfman
"My business improved 500% in less than 6 months, I started writing a book, losing weight and taking better care of myself. I found I was better able to focus on my girlfriend and our relationship. We now go out, share, and surprise each other more than ever before." - Mykola Latansky

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