It’s a common understanding that the struggle is real when it comes to getting back into the workforce groove. Whether you took a break to travel, continue your studies or for other personal reasons, trying to find a job again can be discouraging and can quite honestly, feel like a maze. But have no fear! Nicole Williams, Career Expert, Bestselling Author, ‘Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success’ offers elite tips for returning like a pro:

Create a résumé that is functional rather than chronological. Focus on your skills and successes rather than the precise dates of your employment. Create headings like “marketing experience,” “sales successes,” or “benchmarks met” and then list your achievements accordingly.


Be bold. A killer résumé may not be enough. To land a great interview, you may have to take the phone into your own hands. Consider making polite and focused calls to companies you are interested in or HR departments. Inquire about jobs you saw posted, express your interest, and ask for an interview. Making a good personal connection might help your résumé get moved to the top of the pile.


Be an interview superstar. When you land an interview, arrive ready to outshine the competition. If asked about it, discuss your time away briefly. Don’t get bogged down in the details of your year in Belize or become emotional about a loved one’s illness. Emphasize your skills and work ethic rather than your time away. Sell yourself as a “blank slate” ready to jump in and work hard in a new work environment. If it makes sense, draw concrete conclusions between the job you’re interviewing for and the things you learned while coping with real-life situations (travel, illness, graduate school) that the competition may not have had to deal with.


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