A victory is always so sweet that you don’t realize the pain of the game until you are on the other end of the stick. As you endure through life, it is next to impossible to dodge the bullet of defeat at some point. Whether it is the loss of a big business deal, or winning first place in this weekends competition, we don’t want you to ever lose sight of that glorious victory dance we know you’ve practiced a time or two. Below are 4 ways from Doug Sandler to handle defeat like the champ you are:

1)Learn a lesson. Use this opportunity (yes, there is opportunity in defeat) to reflect on what just happened. Did you lose the deal because you were unresponsive to your customer or was your pricing too high? Did you and Situs Slot Gacor your team deliver poor service or were you in over your head when you started? Take away from your defeat a lesson and try to keep it from happening in the future.

2) See the glass half full. Look at all the good things you are accomplishing. Be an optimist and get your head in the right place. You are taking risk when you step outside your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable, you will succeed. Stay positive, focused and happy. Your positive perception of a situation will help you stay upbeat. See the glass filled to the brim.

3) Every failure puts you one step closer to success. Play the odds and know they are now in your favor. If you have just Judi Slot Online experienced defeat, all is good, you are getting closer to success.

4) Believe in yourself. I saved this one for last because if all else fails believing in yourself will pull you through. I have experienced time and time again when the only thing holding me from defeat was faith in myself and the words, “I can do it.” You are strong enough, good enough and deserving of all scores in the win column.”

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