Good morning, sunshine! Nobody wakes up in the morning with the intent of having a bad day, but with life, comes various obstacles that can affect our happiness. Luckily, there are some very simple steps that can be taken each morning to improve our state of mind and elevate our intent of accomplishment for the day to come:


  • Express Gratitude

Every new day leads to a new way to say “thank you” for being alive. Everything we experience and are capable of experiencing on this blue marble in this universal arena is something to be grateful for. Contemplate the fact that something rather than nothing exists and that within that something we exist and experience such an amazing reality.


  • Set Your Intentions for the Day


Treat your thoughts as if they were spells of magic, replicating in the real world from the garden of your mind.Most of us have to get up for work on a regular basis which leads to going through the motions of getting out of bed, getting ready and going to work. Before we do any of that we can affirm, either in the form of saying aloud or writing down, what we intend for the day or wish to get done.


  • Take Five Long Deep Breaths In and Out

Breath is incredibly powerful and can take us into transcendental states of consciousness where we become masters of our inner fire. All too often we baseline to shallow breathing which may sustain our lives but will not optimize them.

  • Smile For No Reason –  Just Flex The Muscle

Smiling has been shown to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system which is all the more reason to do it after leaving Dreamland. Smile and get elevated.


  • Forgive Yourself for Yesterdays Mistakes

Let’s not add any unnecessary suffering to our lives. Look at your shadows, acknowledge their transient nature and let them go.


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