It’s time to make some gains! A lot of resolutions this year is to pack on the muscle whether it be washboard abs or heavy guns to the gun show, but a lot of times bulking comes with the unwanted fat… Follow these guidelines below for some solid muscle gain and leave the fat behind:


Protein is the main ingredient of muscle tissue, carbs power your workouts and prevent muscle breakdown, and fat supports hormones like testosterone that help muscles grow. The following are the healthiest sources of each nutrient.

PROTEINS: Lean meat (any kind), including chicken, beef, and turkey, Fish and seafood, Eggs, Protein powder

CARBS*: Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Rice, Fruit

FATS**: Avocado, Nuts (all kinds), Seeds (all kinds), Oils (including olive and coconut)


*We’ve excluded grains and vegetables from this list. Grains such as oats and wheat contain compounds that make them difficult to digest for many people and can cause stomach upset and bloating. However, if you feel you do fine on these foods, you’re welcome to consume them in small doses, but make starches such as potatoes and rice your main carb sources. Green vegetables, on the other hand, should be consumed liberally, but because of their very low caloric value, aren’t to be counted toward your daily calorie and macronutrient totals.


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