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5 Ways to Indulge in Some ‘Me-Time’…

In a world of constant connection and chaos, it’s very important to find time for yourself. Time to really look inward and take note of how Slot Anti Rungkad you’re feeling, take note of your goals and where you are with them; dwell in self gratitude. Below are 5 ways you can indulge in alone time:

1) Create a journal of your own private thoughts. This is a way for some to get to know themselves better and find out more of who they are.

2) Give yourself the luxury of taking a nap once in a while during the day. You may sleep deeply or just rest musing. In each case, you will gain the respite from daily life that you hardly knew you needed. Stress can roll off of you and worries dissipate.

3) Choose an interest that requires concentration without interference from others. Perhaps you want to try something you’ve always yearned to do but everyday life has intervened.

4) Create “me-time.” This is time Situs Slot Gacor Hari Ini to do something that relaxes you and distracts you from worries and stressors.

5) Do nothing in particular. Just spend time with yourself in a comfortable spot that gives you a tranquil mind and settles your body so it is free from tension. Take as long as you need. You may find in only a short while the tension is released from your body.

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How to Get the Best Bio Break Out of Your Diet ;)

Let’s face it… we all poop, and whether we would like to admit it or not, sometimes it’s satisfying and sometimes it leaves us feeling a bit uncomfortable! There is nothing worse than having an unhealthy digestive system and since our diets are the root of this biological activity, let’s make sure we are feeding our bodies what it needs for a healthy bio break ūüėČ Below is a few of¬†Robyn Youkilis’s suggestions for healthy digestion:¬†

Greens & Herbs

These provide perfect roughage for your colon; you’ll want to aim to have an item from this list at every meal. Pile these foods on!


  • kale (all varieties)
  • dandelion
  • broccoli
  • arugula
  • collards
  • turnip greens
  • beet greens
  • spinach
  • mustard greens
  • all lettuces (Boston or bibb, romaine, radicchio, red or green leaf, fris√©e, mesclun)
  • cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • chicory
  • parsley
  • watercress
  • bok choy
  • fennel
  • dill
  • mint
  • and more!

Bone Broth

The collagen that breaks down from the connective tissue of bones simmered to make broth is an important component to help heal the lining of the gut. This creates a happier home for healthy bacteria.

The bioavailable minerals from the bones help increase mineral reserves in the body, making it more alkaline and supporting your body’s natural buffering system. Try introducing 1 to 2 cups of bone broth to your diet each week.


  • chicken
  • beef
  • turkey
  • fish
  • seaweed

Healthy Fat-Containing Foods

Our bodies need fat to help us feel full and metabolize the nutrients we are receiving from the foods we eat. You want to make sure every meal you eat has some source of quality healthy fat from natural sources from this list, or the Healthy Oils & Fats or Nuts & Seeds sections.


  • olives
  • coconut
  • avocado

Wild-caught fatty fish:

  • salmon
  • tuna
  • mackerel
  • herring
  • trout
  • sardines
  • anchovies

Note: Do not be afraid of eating the skin and little bones in your fish; they nourish your skin and bones, too.



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4 Grocery Items To Cut From Your List To Save Money

It is no surprise to any of us how fast a grocery bill can add up! There has been plenty of times I’ve gotten home from the store to look at my goods and be baffled that so little can cost so much! Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch, shared 4¬†items you should¬†cut from your grocery list to help cut down on your expenses and save you from the bafflement:

Becoming $1,000 Richer in Just 5 Tips

What may seem to be a minuscule purchase at the time, could be burning a hole in your pocket, and often times it goes overlooked. Establishing best practices can save you $1,000 in a week if executed consistently and honestly, who couldn’t use an extra $1,000 around, am I right? Rammit Smith, author of, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” provides these important tips when it comes to saving:

1)Optimize Your Cell Phone Bill

When buying a new cell phone, Sethi likes to pay a little bit more upfront by choosing the unlimited data and text messaging plan. He then sets a three-month check-in on his calendar, and analyzes his spending patterns after a few months to see where he can cut back.

-Estimated Savings: $20- $600

2) Create a No Spending Day Once a Week

Choose one day each week and challenge yourself to not spend a single dollar.The key to this tip is putting it in your calendar so it becomes a consistent system.

Estimated Savings: $5-$75

3) Postpone a Large Purchase Until Next Month

Set a reminder on your phone to remind you about the desired purchase and most likely you will either realize you don’t need the object anymore or it may even be on sale now.

Estimated Savings: $50-$3,000


4) Go Cash Only

Take a limited amount of cash out of your checking account that will last for a few weeks. This habit will force you to become a conscious spender.

Estimated Savings: $50-$300


5) Forget The Bar Scene- Ask Your Friends To Your House


Even if this is only done once or twice a month, it is one of the most cost effective decisions according to Sethi. This factors out costs such as, gas, food, drinks, tips, taxicab, valet, etc.

Estimated Savings: $50-$200




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Tips For a Healthy Breakfast in This Fast Paced World

These days breakfast often times gets pushed aside with early morning routines and rushing out the door for work. ‘Convenience’ is the new market for breakfast companies, which leaves you the option for a quick, easy processed and packaged meal that does your body no good, only expiring you through the day… Take notes from these tips below from Lynda Griparic, ¬† a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher with over 13 years of experience in the health industry who specializes in detoxification, food cravings and fat loss:

Use leftovers.

Make double the amount for dinner and consume the leftovers for breakfast. This may seem unusual at first, but anything that combines protein, vegetables, and healthy fats is a good way to start the day.

Think about digging into these in the morning:

Keep it super simple.

There’s no better way to get an injection of nutrients first thing in the morning than with a smoothie, especially on those busy days when fast and nutritious is what the body and mind are calling for.

Smoothies are also perfect for those who simply want to shed “those” extra pounds or are transitioning from an unhealthy diet to one that’s cleaner and more rewarding. All one needs is a blender.

Give these a try:

Use a basic formula for making better choices when eating out.

I have the following formula in my head when eating breakfast out:

A palm portion of protein + vegetables + 1 to 2 tablespoons of healthy fats.

For example, your protein may be poached eggs, bacon, or a fillet of fish with vegetables like spinach, asparagus, sautéed cabbage, kale, and healthy fats such as avocado, seeds, nuts, and olive oil.


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How To Overcome Procrastination Once and For All

Sometimes waiting till the last minute seems like the most appealing option until you realize how much you actually have to do, or it takes longer than you assumed and you miss your looming deadline…¬†Learn to overcome procrastination and master your¬†tasks with these three steps:

1. Recognize your emotions
Procrastination thrives when you react to your emotions, rather than facing and naming them. For instance, if you think of a work project and immediately curl up with a blanket over your head, it’s going to be that much harder to stand up and get to work.

2. Take small steps–and reward yourself for them
When you’re tackling procrastination, you’re likely changing a deeply rooted habit. Things that we’ve been doing for many years don’t happen overnight–it’s been¬†proven that making lasting change takes both time and commitment. The best way to address procrastination: break it down. Choose one small piece of the work in front of you–and then reward yourself once it’s completed.

3. Write yourself a new script
Long-term changes begin to stick when you start to think differently. It’s likely that you have a set of thoughts that recur every time you procrastinate, making it even harder to take any action.


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4 Actions To Help You Move On & Let Go

Each and every day brings new situations… some positive and unfortunately some negative. What determines the reputation of our character is how we handle these situations. We can either gracefully let go and move on from the negative experiences or dwell on them… Below are 4 actions to help you gracefully let go:


This is actually not related to blogging or publishing at all. Often a difficult relationship is the last thing we should write about and then publish on — or, at least, we need to get some space so that we’re making sure it’s helpful and not just emotional vomit purged out into the world without purpose. Regardless, journaling and Slot Terpercaya writing about an event we’re having trouble letting go of has definitely helped me figure out why exactly I’m so hurt and crippled — and then I’m more able to care for my emotions without that aforementioned wallowing.

Talk About it.

There’s a difference between talking a wound into the ground and dwelling on it–and treating our spouse like an unpaid therapist — and talking about a feeling in order to get in touch with it and then leave it in Daftar Link Slot Online the past. (And, by all means, do see a licensed therapist if need be.)


I practiced yoga the other day after feeling hung up on a conversation. This combination of deep, steady, rhythmic breathing, with moving and stretching and yawning my body open — while also strengthening — reminds me that I’m supple and pliable. It’s reinvigorating to be reminded of how capable I am of bending, and how Situs Judi Slot Online strong I am when I was initially feeling weak.

While I might not leave my yoga mat a perfectly different human being than I was when I hopped on, I am absolutely better equipped to deal with life, and to move forward one breath at a time.

Spending time with those I love.

And, at the end of the day, we deal with people in our lives outside of the people that we are able to choose, and who we enjoy spending time with. Taking one sincere look at my children, and smiling into their eyes, and holding them, and 10 Situs Slot Terpercaya cuddling my husband, and laughing with him over a silly movie after the kids have gone to bed — these types of simple, positive experiences are always reminders of who and what matter in my life.

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4 Ways Your Home Could Be Hazardous to Your Health…

Living Your Ultimate Life means there’s no time for being sick in bed! As we often see our home as a safe ground, you might want to think otherwise… Below are a few ways we can ensure that our homes are not the ones making us sick and we can put all the blame on that grimy¬†gas pump or stuffy doctor waiting room…


Check and Change Your Filters

The filters in your home’s air-conditioning and heating units require annual inspection and‚ÄĒdepending on where you live‚ÄĒregular changing. When neglected, they can release (rather than trap) harmful pathogens.


Don’t Be a Speedy Sucker

© limpido

© limpido

Home cleaning is important. But when it comes to vacuuming, the slower the better. Rapid vacuuming raises, rather than eliminates, dust. When the bag is full, take it out outside to empty it. “When you empty the bag, it may release a big cloud of E. coli and salmonella into the air,” says Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona.

Turn on the Fan

Running your bathroom fan while showering helps prevent steam and moisture from building up and turning into mold. This sneaky substance may be causing your family’s runny nose, chest tightness, and itchy eyes. Mold is particularly dangerous for asthma and allergy sufferers, as it can activate attacks.

Sanitize Your Fridge Seal

To protect your family and food from mold, make sure to clean the seal on the inside of your fridge. A University of Arizona survey of 160 homes found 83 percent had mold growing on this fridge seal. To keep your refrigerator door germ-free, wipe the fridge seal with a diluted bleach solution or disinfectant once a week.


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Prevent Cognitive Impairment With These Nutrients:

It’s crucial to implement a diet that¬†prevents¬†cognitive impairment the older you get. ¬†Brain health can be stimulated in many different ways, but this isn’t a matter of exhausting yourself with crossword puzzles, this is about food to nourish your brain. In a recent issue of Food Technology, contributing editor Linda Milo Ohr indicated the key nutrients that may help safeguard your brain from mental decline:

Cocoa Flavanols

¬†These cocoa compounds may reverse age-related memory decline by improving function of your dentate gyrus, a region of the hippocampus‚ÄĒthe hippocampus¬†is most affected by Alzheimer‚Äôs disease‚ÄĒaccording to research from the Columbia University Medical Center.

Where To Find It: cacao beans, dark chocolate, CocoaVia powdered stick packs, supplements

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to a mouse study in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, omega-3 supplements can strengthen object recognition memory, spatial and localizatory memory (memories that can be consciously recalled such as facts and knowledge).

Where To Find It: salmon, flaxseed (and flaxseed oil), chia seeds, walnuts, enriched eggs, supplements

Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid

The combination of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid can help boost your memory, mood, and cognitive function, according to research published in the journal Advances in Therapy.  

Where To Find Phosphatidylserine Acid: organ meats, soybeans, supplements

Where To Find Phosphatidic Acid: cabbage and radish leaves, root vegetables, supplements


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Put Down The Phone & Do This Before Bed Instead

Raise your hand if you plug in your phone and check your social media one last time before bed, or perhaps you¬†check your emails one last time… Raise your hand if you sleep with your phone next to your bed? It’s safe to bet that at least half of you¬†raised your hands for one of those questions, but seeing as our phone’s emit a light that is proven to keep our brains wired at night, our phones should not be invited to bed with us – Here are 5 things to do before bed time that don’t involve your smartphone:

Write in a journal.

Too anxious to drift off? Write it out instead of typing it out in a Facebook status. Research shows that jotting down worries and then physically throwing them away can help clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Take a warm bath or shower.

The ideal temperature for sleep is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit — and a warm bath is arguably the most relaxing way to get you there. When you take a steamy bath or shower, it brings up your body temperature and then it slowly cools once you get out, giving you the perfect prep for rest. Sleepiness: Activated.

Read a book.

We love a good binge, but not when it means sacrificing slumber. Luckily, there’s a way to get your fictional character fix without a tiny screen with Netflix: A captivating novel. Research shows reading can help improve sleep. Don’t mind if we do.


Breathe in, breathe out, find sleep. Studies suggest meditation can help people relax and get a better night’s rest. Not only that, it has amazing health benefits.Even just a few minutes will do the trick.

Conjure up a relaxing scene.

Who needs to imagine sheep when you can picture yourself stretched out on a beach instead? Research shows the longstanding sleep tradition of counting those animals actually engages the brain rather than preps it for rest. Calming images are a way better way to chill out your mind.


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