Sometimes waiting till the last minute seems like the most appealing option until you realize how much you actually have to do, or it takes longer than you assumed and you miss your looming deadline… Learn to overcome procrastination and master your tasks with these three steps:

1. Recognize your emotions
Procrastination thrives when you react to your emotions, rather than facing and naming them. For instance, if you think of a work project and immediately curl up with a blanket over your head, it’s going to be that much harder to stand up and get to work.

2. Take small steps–and reward yourself for them
When you’re tackling procrastination, you’re likely changing a deeply rooted habit. Things that we’ve been doing for many years don’t happen overnight–it’s been proven that making lasting change takes both time and commitment. The best way to address procrastination: break it down. Choose one small piece of the work in front of you–and then reward yourself once it’s completed.

3. Write yourself a new script
Long-term changes begin to stick when you start to think differently. It’s likely that you have a set of thoughts that recur every time you procrastinate, making it even harder to take any action.


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