Life is all about the little things that brighten up the moment and boost happiness, and it is our job to recognize and be grateful for these small acts that make all the difference in life. Whether it is cooking your egg in the morning exactly how you like it, or beating your mile time on your afternoon run, below are 8 different actions to be mindful of that will boost your mood:

1) Finding a parking space in a crowded lot. Thank you, driving gods.

2) Finding money in your pocket. It’s like your own miniature version of winning the lottery.

3) Crawling into bed with fresh sheets. There’s just something about a well-made bed that instantly puts your mind at ease.

4) When you cut a mango or avocado perfectly around the pit. Sweet, sweet success.

5) The moment when you realize you’re incredibly content. A day with no complaints? That’s the good stuff. Happiness looks good on you.

6) Having a really good date with a loved one. It could be a significant other or just your best friend. Hanging with the special people in your life can reduce stress.

7) When your food comes at a restaurant. One word: mouthwatering.

8) When you recognize someone wearing your favorite team’s jersey or in another country. Hive fives all around.


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