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Rub Some Dirt On It For The Sake Of Your Gut

It may be hard to believe at first, but there are links between  a healthy gut and how dirty your childhood was… Over sanitizing and over cleaning can increase the risks of a  leaky gut, so ‘rubbing some dirt on it’  and letting your children get down and dirty may actually be pretty beneficial in the long run:

The Secret Trick 6 Pack Abs

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means… swimsuit season! Besides from a healthy diet and lifestyle, this little tweak could help you get those washboard abs faster. Check out this video below to see how to tweak your routine:

Do This Yoga Sequence For Better Gut Health

Yoga has many benefits on the body and mind- inner and outer strength… What a lot of people may not realize, is yoga is also practiced for a healthier gut. Take a look at the sequence below to see how you too can improve your gut health with a little bit of yoga:

Essential Tips For Transforming Into A Healthy Lifestyle

The decision to transform your life to a healthier lifestyle is a big decision, and the route can look a little intimidating as a lot of people don’t know the correct steps to take. Watch the video below for a few essential tips to take into consideration for a healthier happier lifestyle:


Get To Know The Brain in Your Stomach…

You may be confused with the terms ‘brain’ and ‘stomach’ referring to each other, but in actuality, your gut is the brain of the stomach… That gut feeling that something doesn’t feel right is most likely more than just a feeling. Watch the video below to see how important it is to be aware of your gut and what it’s trying to tell you:

The Best Way To Reduce Stress and Clear Your Mind

In a world full of chaos and a blurred line between work and home life; stress is a common thing to come by these days. There’s many ways to unwind after a long day, but I bet you never would think to just float… This method of floating is proven to clear your mind and reduce stress, watch the video below to discover how:

Eating This Will Not Only Make You Smarter, But Also Happier…

Introducing the new superfood that will super charge your brain into motion – This food, called Ghee, is known to improve your memory, boost your mood and also make you more intelligent. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the new miracle food to me! Watch the video below to see all of the benefits Ghee has to offer:

The Unsuspecting Natural Treatment for Depression

Scientist have found an alternate way to treat the serious illness of depression, that isn’t polluting your body with prescribed drugs, and it is probably not what you’re expecting… Cashew nuts. Not only are they delicious and benefit the body in many different ways, they also mirror the drug Prozac that treats depression… Read below to see exactly how this nut naturally boosts your mood:

Mood- and mind-altering drugs that ostensibly “treat” depression are often just triggers for violent behavior, as we have seen repeatedly in the past. As documented by the website Psych Drug Shooters, the vast majority of mass murderers since the “Prozac boom” have been on these mood-altering, psychosis-inducing medications.

The good news is, there is a natural alternative for these dangerous psychotropic meds if you’re trying to battle depression: cashew nuts.

Yes, that’s right, a couple handfuls of cashews works like a prescription dose of Prozac, according to the Family Health Freedom Network, citing some of the latest research.

“Cashews are high in tryptophan, which the body turns into serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for mood regulation, healthy sleep and even sexual desire in the body,” the site reported.

“Increasing your tryptophan intake by consuming whole, natural cashews sounds like an excellent alternative to prescription drugs any day. They also provide a host of other benefits to the body as well, from your cardiovascular health to your digestive system.”

Health Tips Spot reported further that the cashew nut is also one of the world’s healthiest foods, though only a small percentage of the natural medicines database is focused on cashew benefits research.


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The Secret Culprits Preventing You From Loosing Weight…

There is nothing worse than doing everything right, by the books, to realize you aren’t reaching your end goal weight…When the sweat, blood and tears don’t quite get you to your goal, there may be an underlying habit that is stopping you… Take a look at these 4 habits that may be robbing you from your goal weight:

You’re opting for diet soda.

Diet soda lures you with the promise of being a healthier option, but that’s hardly the case. Research shows that calorie-free, artificially-sweetened drinks may actually contribute to weight gain and increase cravings for real sugar. Opt for water instead.

You’re watching your favorite show while you eat dinner.

Sorry, “House of Cards” fans. You may want to pause your marathon when you’re eating. People tend to consume more when they’re distracted than they would if they were mindfully focusing on their meal, according to Harvard Health. It all comes down to your brain processing what’s going on in your body, which it can’t do as effectively when you’re watching Frank Underwood tear through the White House.

You’re not eating enough.

Kiss that cleanse goodbye. Slashing calories isn’t always the best way to get healthy, particularly if it means you’re not getting any nutrients at all. The ideal avenue to a healthy weight is to engage in a balanced diet. That means eating plenty of natural fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats

You’re not sleeping enough.

Getting proper rest can improve every aspect of your life — including the number on the scale. Research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. Rack up Zs to help drop pounds.


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The Superfoods You Need That Aren’t Kale…

Your diet is the main component to a Healthy Ultimate Lifestyle… It is the source of your energy and drive and what keeps you nourished throughout the day and night and the reason you feel either run down or ready for action! Take note of these superfoods and incorporate them in your next grocery trip…