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3 Ways You Can Learn To Love Running

Running may be the most dreaded form of working out/warming up for a lot of people. It can be difficult to master and a miserable process, but it is also one of the healthiest ways to get in shape and maintain your shape. If you hate running, then check out these 3 tips below from Amanda C. Brooks, an eight-time marathon finisher, running coach and ultra passionate runner, to help you learn to love it:

1. Start walking.

When you are starting out, always walk before you run. Literally warm up to every run with at least a half mile of walking. Then take walk breaks while you run to allow you to spend more time running. Over time, you’ll decrease the breaks but always keep the warm-up.

2. Slow down.

Stop trying to go so far or so fast on day one … or day 30 for that matter! When you find you can’t breathe, slow down. When you find you just can’t break a distance barrier, slow down. When running sounds like something awful to do, slow down. Eventually this all leads to speeding up, but you need a base first.

3. Join a running group.

Many people are afraid to join a running group because they might be the slowest person there. As someone who has moved a lot and tested out a lot of groups, I can tell you there are always walkers, there are always superstars, and everyone is welcoming.

If you happen upon an unfriendly group, high-tail it out of there and find another group. Nothing will keep you showing up for runs like having friends or even acquaintances who expect you to be there.


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The Diet of the 3rd Oldest NFL Player & Husband of Supermodel

Have you ever wondered what the 3rd oldest NFL player eats to stay fit and on top in the professional athlete’s world? Not to mention, he did get a super model as a wife! Tom Brady keeps a clean diet to maintain his performance and stay in top shape. If he isn’t proof that diet is a key performing indicator in a healthy, active and ultimate lifestyle, than I don’t know what is. Watch the video below for an insight into what he fuels and doesn’t fuel his body with: