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The Scientific Facts Behind Forming Habits

Have you ever wondered how you form habits so easily? Or maybe, why is it so hard to break a habit but so easy to form one? Take a look at this video below that explains the science behind habits and how the brain formulates them:

New Study Shows The Super Power of the Brain

The human brain has forever been an object of ongoing studies and new findings since the beginning of time, however this study reveals that the human brain is far more capable than we have ever given it credit for… Read below to gain insight on the brains memory capacity and how significant it really is:


“Our new measurements of the brain’s memory capacity increase conservative estimates by a factor of 10 to at least a petabyte,” Dr. Terry Sejnowski, a professor at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, and co-senior author of a paper describing the research, said in a written statement.

In other words, the human brain may be able to store one petabyte of data, which is 1 quadrillion bytes. That’s enough memory to store 13.3 years of high-definition video.

The finding, published recently in the journal eLife, is considered preliminary and must be confirmed by future research. But it constitutes a significant advance in our understanding of neuroanatomy and could prove to be a step toward the creation of a complete “wiring diagram” of the human brain, Sejnowsky told The Huffington Post.

When the researchers plugged the 8-percent figure into their computer model of the brain, they determined that there must be more than two dozen discrete sizes of synapse rather than just a few. That bigger number, in turn, meant that the synapses must be able to store far more information than anyone knew.

Having more “bits” per synapse is a little like a high-definition TV having more bits per pixel than a conventional TV, Sejnowski said, adding that, “We think the brain is high-resolution now.”



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[VIDEO]How Checking Your Smartphone Before Bed Damages Your Brain and Body

These days it’s almost habitual to check our smartphones before bed; catch up on social media, check emails one last time, double check our calendars for the next day or some have even resorted to watching Netflix in bed instead of traditional reading… While it all seems like a good idea in the moment, turns out we are damaging our bodies and brains in the process. Watch the video below to learn how detrimental it can be: