It’s a dog eat dog world out there for us women in the corporate world or even as entrepreneurs! If you are striving to climb to the top at your company or start your own company from scratch, these women who are all top CEO’s and Founders have some important advice for us girls trying to run the world!


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“Don’t be afraid to negotiate—whether it’s negotiating work hours, pay, your title, or the exact responsibilities. I’ve noticed that women have a harder time negotiating when they get a job offer, compared to men, and I would highly recommend negotiating to get what you want. At the very worst, you get a ‘No,’ but you at least tried!”—Aarthi Ramamurthy, Founder and CEO of Lumoid


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“When you’re trying to decide whether a job or career is right for you, ask yourself ‘would I want my boss’s job?’ If the answer is no, take a hard look at the path you’re on.”—Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, Founders ofbkr


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“Your life is a balancing act, so it’s important to first figure out what’s most important to you, and then make sure to devote time to it. I encourage everyone to set a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG for short) and take baby steps to accomplish it. I certainly don’t wake up every morning and think about how I’m going to revolutionize everyday work—that’s just too lofty—but I do identify small, actionable steps that can be accomplished every day. I know that by making progress against those smaller, more attainable goals, TaskRabbit will reach our BHAG.”—Leah Busque, Founder and CEO of TaskRabbit


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“As a new CEO and a new mom, there is a lot to feel guilty about. Am I giving enough to my son? My husband? Or my job at So I’ve decided to banish guilt. It’s completely counter-productive. Be present with however you decide to spend your time and that will always be the best answer.”—Aria Finger, CEO


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