As the Holiday season is winding down, you may find yourself getting stressed with everything that needs catching up on: laundry from traveling, house cleaning from having company, work you need to catch up on in the office and the list goes on… But take a second and breathe because this activity listed below is simple, enjoyable and will crush your anxiety and stress:

While the feel and smell of waxy Crayola crayons may be reminiscent of your childhood, there’s every reason to bring them back into your adult life. Twentieth century Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung prescribed coloring to his patients to relieve stress and anxiety, and more recent research has supported that prescription. Whether it’s done with scented markers, crayons or colored pencils, coloring¬†can help you de-stress.

That’s because coloring offers a break from your daily stressors. When you’re coloring, you’re focused on your masterpiece, not the laundry that needs to be folded or the deadline that needs to be met. The grade school hobby may also activate different areas of your brain, giving your “fear center” a chance to relax, which, in turn, relaxes you.

You can find coloring books for art therapy here. So bust out those colors and take a minute to unwind and take a trip down memory lane to get lost in creating your masterpiece!


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