There is plenty of research out there that suggest Happy Healthy workers = productive workers. So creating a space for your employees or for your home office that endorses healthy habits will benefit you in many ways! From standing desks, which offer the opposite of the sedentary workweek, to desk that offer a little more privacy, these desk will offer more productivity and happiness within the office. Sounds like a win-win to me!


Stir Kinetic M1 smart desk

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Researchers at Stir have found that users of manually adjustable standing desks can stay sitting for weeks before they change positions. But the Stir Kinetic M1 design takes the standing desk to a whole new level, targeting those who may need a little push to get up from their chairs.

This smart desk emits a small sigh to let you know when it’s time stand up, then it automatically adjusts to a new height. It’s equipped with a touchscreen that keeps track of how much time you’ve spent sitting and standing each day, and counts the number of calories you’ve burned.

Price: $2,990.


Public Office Landscape

public desk

This collaborative work unit from design firm Herman Miller has modular desks, seating and storage, all of which can be re-arranged to suit various needs.

Recognizing that the majority of work interactions still occur near desks, the firm added the option to trick out the desk unit with an ergonomic, cushioned “social chair.” The desk-chair arrangement creates what the company calls a “social pod,” offering comfy seating for visitors and allowing employees to pivot easily from desk work to teamwork.

The workstation uses recyclable steel parts in its frame, and the seat cushion is recyclable, too.

A unit with a Public desk and cushioned seating starts at around $1,600.


The NextDesk Fit

nextdesk fit

Those looking for a more active workday (and who have enough floor space) can opt for a treadmill desk. The NextDesk Fit offers walking speeds between 0.4 and 4 mph, and connects to Bluetooth to let you track your progress. It senses when you stop moving; and if you get off and walk away while the treadmill belt is still going, it’ll pause after 20 seconds.

You’ll have to pay $999 to get those daily 10,000 steps in. (Of course, you could also take a break from work to circle a few blocks outside, no desk required.)


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