The amount of trash a human disposes per day is on average, four pounds! 28 pounds of trash per week for only one person,  is A LOT of waste going into our landfills… Take a peak at the simple actions below you can take to reduce your waste and make the world a better place:

Day 1: Refuse plastic bags

Today, start getting into the habit of bringing reusable cloth bags with you to stores.

Day 2: Switch to a reusable water bottle

Bottled water is a huge contributor to society’s waste problem—over 35 billion plastic water bottles are discarded per year!

Day 3: Start composting

Did you know that two-thirds of our household waste can be composted and naturally biodegrade on its own?

Day 4: Use a reusable coffee cup

Using a reusable coffee cup is another easy swap that can reduce your overall waste, and a lot of coffee shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own.

Day 5: Avoid food packaging

Avoid using unnecessary plastic and paper by buying in bulk, not using the plastic produce bags, shopping at local farmer’s markets, or growing your own produce from this point forward.

Day 6: Buy secondhand

Opting to buy things like clothes, books, and decorations secondhand will save you money, reduce waste, and eliminate the packaging that comes with purchasing new items.

Day 7: Avoid single-use disposables

To finish out your waste-free week, create an assortment of reusable alternatives.


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