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Is The Future Here With This Jetson Style Car?

For as long as time has stood, people have wondered what the future would hold for technology, hence the term, “futuristic” as an adjective… Flying cars, hover boards, electric cars, etc.- Many of which, have come true or are on their way to becoming true. This video below shows what Nissan believes to be the future of city driving; small, efficient, earth friendly and lacking windows…..

What The Future May Hold For Energy Sources Will Blow You Away

It’s very evident that scientist and citizens are utilizing renewable resources a lot more and digging into their potential more aggressively in the past five years, but what does the future of energy hold for planet earth? Or will it go beyond planet earth? Watch the video below to see how these renewable resources could soon be old news…

Take Notes: How Bill Gates Invests in the Future…

If you wish to see how a successful business man invests in the future, look no further! In the video below you will see 9 companies Bill Gates has invested in, hopeful his impact will positively effect the future through these sustainable and high tech companies: