Are you ready for the biggest contradiction you’ll most likely hear all day?  There are healthy foods that can cause you some serious harm, meaning there really is too much of a good thing!  Check out the deemed ‘healthy’ foods that can do some serious damage if not consumed properly: 


Kale has a compound in it called thiocyanate that, in high amounts, severely interferes with iodine metabolism, which can, in turn, result in hypothyroidism. Eating too much kale in an effort to lose weight can actually lower your metabolism (and affect a lot of other things that your thyroid controls). The condition is not common, and drinking kale juice seems to pose the biggest risk. So enjoy it, the stuff is healthy in moderation.


Salmon contains mercury, a neurotoxin. Too much of it can cause mercury poisoning and major neurological damage. Pregnant women are especially advised to limit their consumption of fish due to the presence of mercury.

But … how much mercury? Trace. About a zillionth the amount of fat that there is in the avocado. It’s considered a low-mercury fish, and you can safely eat 12 ounces of it per week (about two standard servings). But that’s it. So enjoy it, but don’t live on it just because you read one article that says it’s healthy.


Gram-per-gram, they have the same number of calories and almost the exact same number of grams of sugar. They’re not nutritionally the same given the goji berry’s wealth of vitamins, but if you’re watching your weight or if you’re diabetic? Your pancreas will view these as candy.

Enjoy goji berries. Like everything else, in moderation.


They’re not just for making creepy statues grow hair anymore (and yes, the chia in your pudding and the chia that grows out of that weird terra cotta thing your grandma loved are the same thing). They’re so healthy that you’re probably dying right now simply because you’re not eating them. They’re touted as an ancient superfood, rich in antioxidants, protein, fiber, and omega-3s. They should be added to your salad or even your raw organic kombucha. When mixed with a little agave nectar and almond milk, they taste delicious and look vaguely like frog eggs. Why the hell did we ever waste these little guys on statues?

Probably because of the potential for severe gastrointestinal side effects.  That cute thing chia seeds do in almond milk when they puff up? They do that in your body too, and the side effects can be painful. They even landed a guy in the ER for expanding post-ingestion and obstructing his airway.


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