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Protein Packed Snacks To Help You Power Through Your Day

Unfortunately, snacking has a bad rep, but there ARE healthy ways to do it! Usually, when 3 o’clock rolls around that sleepy lazy feeling comes lingering around and you get that urge for another cup of coffee, but there is a healthier way to give yourself a boost. Capture these snack ideas below and put them to the test this week:

Single-serve cottage cheese

Protein: 20 grams per 5-ounce serving
Greek yogurt is the be-all-end-all for high-protein dairy snacks? Think again: A single-serving container of nonfat cottage cheese boasts 3 grams more protein than a typical serving of Greek yogurt and is just 110 calories. Plus, it gives you 125 milligrams of bone-building calcium. (Keep in mind, though, it runs high in sodium, supplying 20 to 30% of your daily quota.) 

Hardboiled egg

Protein: 6 grams per egg
Eggs used to be considered a nutritional no-no due to their high cholesterol content. Today, though, most nutritionists agree that they’re a powerhouse breakfast or snack when enjoyed in moderation. In addition to protein, the humble egg Slot Online Terpercaya gives you a hearty dose of vitamin D and vitamin B-12 for just 77 calories apiece. Best part: they’re easy to take on the run—just remember to peel them before you go to make eating them on your commute a snap. Even better: some convenience and grocery stores sell hardboiled eggs in packages of two, so they’re a snap to snatch up when traveling.

Peanut butter pack

Protein: 8 grams per 1.15-ounce
You probably wouldn’t throw a jar of peanut butter into your handbag, but for convenience and natural portion control, you can carry Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1 individual squeeze packs of nut butters, like those from Justin’s, alongside your wallet and mobile phone. A single-serving portion of Justin’s peanut butter contains 190 calories and is made with just peanuts and palm fruit oil—no added sugars here. Smear on a banana to up the antioxidants and fiber, suggests Oppenheimer.

Mini cheeses or string cheese

Protein: 6 to 8 grams per serving
Personal packages of cheese likeMini Babybel wheels or Sargento sticks are great because they’re individually wrapped for easy toss-in-your-purse portability—and they won’t get squished, either. If you’re trying to lose weight, choose slot terbaru one that says “part-skim” on the label, advises New York City registered dietitian Martha McKittrick. “You can still get some satiating fat but will save calories,” she says.

Single-serve oatmeal packets or cups

Protein: About 4 grams per packet or cup
Just add hot water, stir, and you’ve got a warm bowl of protein- and fiber-packed oats in minutes for 150 to 200 calories per serving (depending on which flavor you choose). Quaker, Dr. McDougall’s,N’Joy, and other Slot Online companies sell single-serving cups of oatmeal, but you could also simply carry a packet with you—you can ask for a cup at any fast-food place or coffee shop. For times you need a little something extra to fill you up, slice a banana into your oats or toss in a few almonds.

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The Diet of the 3rd Oldest NFL Player & Husband of Supermodel

Have you ever wondered what the 3rd oldest NFL player eats to stay fit and on top in the professional athlete’s world? Not to mention, he did get a super model as a wife! Tom Brady keeps a clean diet to maintain his performance and stay in top shape. If he isn’t proof that diet is a key performing indicator in a healthy, active and ultimate lifestyle, than I don’t know what is. Watch the video below for an insight into what he fuels and doesn’t fuel his body with:

Essential Tips For Transforming Into A Healthy Lifestyle

The decision to transform your life to a healthier lifestyle is a big decision, and the route can look a little intimidating as a lot of people don’t know the correct steps to take. Watch the video below for a few essential tips to take into consideration for a healthier happier lifestyle:


Eating This Will Not Only Make You Smarter, But Also Happier…

Introducing the new superfood that will super charge your brain into motion – This food, called Ghee, is known to improve your memory, boost your mood and also make you more intelligent. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the new miracle food to me! Watch the video below to see all of the benefits Ghee has to offer:

Tips For a Healthy Breakfast in This Fast Paced World

These days breakfast often times gets pushed aside with early morning routines and rushing out the door for work. ‘Convenience’ is the new market for breakfast companies, which leaves you the option for a quick, easy processed and packaged meal that does your body no good, only expiring you through the day… Take notes from these tips below from Lynda Griparic,   a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher with over 13 years of experience in the health industry who specializes in detoxification, food cravings and fat loss:

Use leftovers.

Make double the amount for dinner and consume the leftovers for breakfast. This may seem unusual at first, but anything that combines protein, vegetables, and healthy fats is a good way to start the day.

Think about digging into these in the morning:

Keep it super simple.

There’s no better way to get an injection of nutrients first thing in the morning than with a smoothie, especially on those busy days when fast and nutritious is what the body and mind are calling for.

Smoothies are also perfect for those who simply want to shed “those” extra pounds or are transitioning from an unhealthy diet to one that’s cleaner and more rewarding. All one needs is a blender.

Give these a try:

Use a basic formula for making better choices when eating out.

I have the following formula in my head when eating breakfast out:

A palm portion of protein + vegetables + 1 to 2 tablespoons of healthy fats.

For example, your protein may be poached eggs, bacon, or a fillet of fish with vegetables like spinach, asparagus, sautéed cabbage, kale, and healthy fats such as avocado, seeds, nuts, and olive oil.


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Don’t Be Fooled By these Diet Marketing Ploys Ever Again…

Let’s face it, there are a million and one diets out there all claiming they are the absolute best… And not to mention all of the marketing ploys in the diet industry to get you to buy ‘their’ brand of food because they are ‘gluten free, no BPA’s added, sugar free and have a label saying it is natural… I hate to break it to you but that is all more than login slot88 likely a bunch of bull to get you to help them reach their bottom line. I mean, could eating that brand of protein bars really give you abs of steel in just one week? Maybe if you starved yourself and only ate their “natural fat free” bars, but really, who does that! Fitness goals are reached by a balance of healthy dieting and exercise … Take a look at the list below so you can weed through the fakes and the phonies of the diet industry:

  1. If it’s labeled as “natural”, it might not be. When was the last time you saw broccoli being marketed as “all natural”?

  2. Labels like gluten free or dairy free don’t necessarily = healthy. If you have experimented with your diet and learned that you have a sensitivity to something and it doesn’t agree with you, then absolutely cut it out, or cut back on it. But that doesn’t mean that gluten free junk food isn’t exactly that…junk food.

  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If there was really a secret to six pack abs, don’t you think someone would have spilled the beans by now? Brands don’t sell waist trainers by reminding you that every one is built differently and optimal health looks different on everyone.

  4. Just because Oprah endorses it, doesn’t mean it’s any different than any other diet. I may get some flack for this one but I feel strongly about it. Don’t get me wrong…of course I have great respect and admiration for Oprah. Who doesn’t? And it’s not that I have anything against Weight Watchers in particular. It’s just that…Weight Watchers is still a diet and diets do not work for the long term. It’s not teaching you how to listen to your body and eat mindfully. It’s teaching you that certain foods have certain values. While it may help some people better understand portion control, if you are someone that has chronically struggled with weight loss and food addiction (like Oprah openly has), portion control is probably not something you need to be educated on. It’s much more likely that you are stuck in a cycle of assigning judgment to yourself based on what you eat, which, in turn, leads you to reward and/or punish yourself with food or lack of food. Counting points instead of calories doesn’t change that.

  5. If you are working to add more vegetables (especially green ones) and cut back on processed foods, you are moving in the right direction. Try to pick the highest quality ingredients, whether its chicken or chocolate. Water should make up the majority of your beverage choices. And that pretty much covers the basics. Neither Vegan nor Paleo is a better choice. You need to find the better choice for you.

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The Pro’s and Con’s of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar With Every Meal…

Apparently it’s a thing… Apple Cider Vinegar has quite the following of people who swear by it and believe it will cure just about any problem you may have (reduce blood sugar after you consume food, and help your body absorb more nutrients from food to name a couple). If you’re not on board, maybe you should be, but I’ll let you determine that after you read what happened to  Stephanie Eckelkamp, senior associate editor at Prevention Magazine, who drank it with every meal she had..

Taking ACV after a meal works much better.

The whole pre-meal thing didn’t work for me. After all, what was the point of feeling semi-nauseous and not wanting to eat before a healthy meal that you’d planned on eating? A better option, I found, was drinking it when I’d already eaten a meal but was still feeling hungry for more. Because I already had a base of food in my stomach, I avoided that queasy feeling, but the ACV definitely helped reduce my desire to polish off leftover Christmas cookies. (Follow these suggestions on how to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss.)

ACV can help get things moving.

This was unexpected (and I’ll spare you details), but there was a definite correlation between ACV consumption and, well, let’s call it decreased transit time. I could definitely see the appeal of using this as a gentle,natural laxative when things are backed up. Who knew?

You’ll burn your esophagus unless you learn to drink ACV the right way.

Don’t take this stuff straight–it burns like fire (worse than vodka, and with no pleasant buzz). Your best bet: Mix 1 tablespoon with 8 ounces of water, and then drink it with a straw to minimize contact with your tastebuds. I found this method tolerable, although the taste was still slightly reminiscent of feet after a sweaty summer workout session.

Bottom line: While this experiment was enlightening and it did help curb cravings, I’m not making the ACV-water blend part of my daily routine. Instead, I’ll be more likely to use it periodically to quell a Krispy Kreme craving or if I’m constipated. And I’m definitely all about using it in healthy homemade dressings to get more nutrients out of all my salad veggies.



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The Ultimate Spice To Add To Your Diet ASAP

To live the Ultimate Life, you also must have The Ultimate Diet… this powerhouse spice can be added to various foods in your meal plan  that contains a powerful antioxidant called curcumin. No matter which diet regimen you’ve chosen to follow this new year, this spice can be included to help fight inflammation:

Nutritionist and author of Meals That Heal Inflammation, Julie Daniluk, suffered from arthritis, bursitis and colitis: all conditions rooted in painful inflammation.

But Daniluk says she was able to push her symptoms into remission thanks to a few dietary changes. Along the way, she discovered a powerhouse spice called turmeric.

Curcumin May Prevent Weight Gain

Recent research from Tufts University in Massachusetts found that curcumin suppressed the growth of fat tissue, and therefore prevented weight gain in mice. However, more research has to be done to demonstrate its effects on humans and weight loss.

It Could Also Be Related To Alzheimer’s Prevention

Another study from UCLA found that rats who ate curcumin were more resistant to the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque in their brains — an abnormality associated with Alzheimer’s in people. Elderly people in India have one of the world’s lowest rates of Alzheimer’s, according to the NCBI, and also have diets high in turmeric. But more research needs to be done to confirm a connection between curcumin and Alzheimer’s in humans.

Soothing  Your Stomach

People in India and Pakistan usually use turmeric to relieve stomach pain, and there might be something to that. There is some researchshowing that taking turmeric internally (in food, tea or juice and milk) may relieve stomach upset or dyspepsia, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Follow This Diet To Gain Muscle Not Fat

It’s time to make some gains! A lot of resolutions this year is to pack on the muscle whether it be washboard abs or heavy guns to the gun show, but a lot of times bulking comes with the unwanted fat… Follow these guidelines below for some solid muscle gain and leave the fat behind:


Protein is the main ingredient of muscle tissue, carbs power your workouts and prevent muscle breakdown, and fat supports hormones like testosterone that help muscles grow. The following are the healthiest sources of each nutrient.

PROTEINS: Lean meat (any kind), including chicken, beef, and turkey, Fish and seafood, Eggs, Protein powder

CARBS*: Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Rice, Fruit

FATS**: Avocado, Nuts (all kinds), Seeds (all kinds), Oils (including olive and coconut)


*We’ve excluded grains and vegetables from this list. Grains such as oats and wheat contain compounds that make them difficult to digest for many people and can cause stomach upset and bloating. However, if you feel you do fine on these foods, you’re welcome to consume them in small doses, but make starches such as potatoes and rice your main carb sources. Green vegetables, on the other hand, should be consumed liberally, but because of their very low caloric value, aren’t to be counted toward your daily calorie and macronutrient totals.


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If Weight Loss is Your Goal, Snack on These Foods

Snacking as we know it kind of has a negative connotation… Especially if you’re trying to loose weight. However, snacking is actually a great tool for weight loss if it’s done right. It helps control portions for your actual meals and also control your hunger pains which is why we want to provide you with 5 healthy snacks from Tara Gidus, R.D., of the American Dietetic Association, to cater to your weight loss goal:


© garloon

© garloon

Half of a cup of peas has 55 calories and 3 g of fiber; the same amount of corn contains 72 calories with 2 g of fiber. The high-fiber and low-calorie-density combination means they’re filling and satisfying, and the frozen part makes them interesting. They’re firm, but not rock hard, and they melt in your mouth. “You can use the same trick with fruit,” Gidus says. “Freeze grapes or cherries, and it’s a whole different experience.”


These are the chewiest bars going (don’t confuse them with other types of Kashi bars—look for “chewy” on the label). They have 130 to 140 calories each, 4 grams of fiber, 5 g of protein, and they’re made with real nuts and whole grains. And they actually taste good. “You’ve got chewy, you’ve got sweet, and you’ve got a bar,” Gidus says. “That’s got a real snacky feel to it. The calorie range is right, and the fiber is high.”



© martince2

© martince2

A 2003 Brazilian study found that three apples a day can keep weight gain at bay — and can even help you lose. “There’s no magic compound,” according to Rui Hai Liu, Ph.D., an apple researcher at Cornell University.”The best way to lose weight is to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. That increases volume and decreases calorie density.” If you’ve got 5 minutes and a knife, cut your apple up and mix it with some chopped walnuts and a teaspoon or two of maple syrup. Or eat it with a tablespoon of peanut butter to add about 100 calories’ worth of the satiating power of nuts.



If edamame had a tryst with orange-dusted nachos, the result would look a lot like soy chips—a high-fiber, low-fat snack that’s a significant source of soy protein. And soy protein, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Obesity, not only helps facilitate weight loss, but also helps ensure that the weight lost is fat rather than muscle. The isoflavones in soy act like estrogen and inhibit the enzyme that facilitates fat deposits, according to Paul Cooke, Ph.D., a soy researcher at the University of Illinois.A pack of soy chips racks up as many as 7 g of soy protein in about 100 calories, which leaves room for a 1/4 cup of Guiltless Gourmet bean dip. The dip adds 60 calories and another 4 g each of fiber and protein.



© IMelnyk

© IMelnyk

Unwrap a frozen juice bar and you can practically hear the ice cream truck rounding the corner of your cul-de-sac. “They’re sweet and tangy, and anything frozen takes longer to eat,” Gidus says. “They’re just a few calories, and they’ve even got some vitamins”.  Our favorite: Edy’s Tangerine, with flavor as bright as its color—and a mere 80 calories.


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