Raise your hand if you plug in your phone and check your social media one last time before bed, or perhaps you check your emails one last time… Raise your hand if you sleep with your phone next to your bed? It’s safe to bet that at least half of you raised your hands for one of those questions, but seeing as our phone’s emit a light that is proven to keep our brains wired at night, our phones should not be invited to bed with us – Here are 5 things to do before bed time that don’t involve your smartphone:

Write in a journal.

Too anxious to drift off? Write it out instead of typing it out in a Facebook status. Research shows that jotting down worries and then physically throwing them away can help clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Take a warm bath or shower.

The ideal temperature for sleep is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit — and a warm bath is arguably the most relaxing way to get you there. When you take a steamy bath or shower, it brings up your body temperature and then it slowly cools once you get out, giving you the perfect prep for rest. Sleepiness: Activated.

Read a book.

We love a good binge, but not when it means sacrificing slumber. Luckily, there’s a way to get your fictional character fix without a tiny screen with Netflix: A captivating novel. Research shows reading can help improve sleep. Don’t mind if we do.


Breathe in, breathe out, find sleep. Studies suggest meditation can help people relax and get a better night’s rest. Not only that, it has amazing health benefits.Even just a few minutes will do the trick.

Conjure up a relaxing scene.

Who needs to imagine sheep when you can picture yourself stretched out on a beach instead? Research shows the longstanding sleep tradition of counting those animals actually engages the brain rather than preps it for rest. Calming images are a way better way to chill out your mind.


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