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How To Breakthrough Technology And Form A True Connection

Since the beginning of the  computer era, the way humans have managed relationships, has been ever changing. The way we crave stimulation from technology has in some sense replaced the connection we crave from another human. MIT Professor, Sherry Turkle dives into how to break through technology and form a true meaningful connection to one another:

The Science Behind Your Smartphone Addiction

Whether we like to admit it or not, the majority of us find comfort in looking at our smart phones, because it has become an addiction. Whether its while we wait for a table at a restaurant, before we fall asleep, when we’re bored at the office or because we feel awkward in a social setting; watch the video below to see the science of why you’re addicted to your phone:

Is The Future Here With This Jetson Style Car?

For as long as time has stood, people have wondered what the future would hold for technology, hence the term, “futuristic” as an adjective… Flying cars, hover boards, electric cars, etc.- Many of which, have come true or are on their way to becoming true. This video below shows what Nissan believes to be the future of city driving; small, efficient, earth friendly and lacking windows…..

How Technology Is Evolving Our Attention And Coping Skills

Whether we realize it or not, technology is taking over the way we are evolving, such as handling the way we focus and the way we cope with our issues. Screens have become the outlet of our emotions and an escape from reality… What are your thoughts? Do you believe technology has a positive effect on the way we now settle conflict and avoid face to face confrontation a lot of the time? Watch the video below to get a fresh perspective:

2016’s New Technology You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

2016 is a new year, with new goals and passions! It’s also a new year of technology and cool gadgets to get on board with to help make our everyday lives that much easier! Below is a list of four new gadgets to come in 2016 from CES 2016, the world’s biggest electronics and technology trade show:


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The latest from the undisputed boss of wearable trackers? A fitness smartwatch. The hexagonal device’s high-resolution color screen clicks into a frame that’s attached to easily interchangeable bands (think: leather for evening, elastomer for the gym). In addition to tracking steps, sleep, and vitals, Blaze can ID your workout (so you don’t have to tell it if you’re biking or running), and comes with three on-screen workouts from personal-training app FitStar. The battery lasts an impressive five days between charges. Available in May for $200.




Chunky wrist wearables do a great job collecting data, but most look a bit garish with your LBD. The sleek, minimalist Ray puts function on equal footing with fashion. The 1.5-inch-long tubular body can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and comes in ultra-hip rose gold and classic black. Wear it as much as you like—the battery of the $100 tracker lasts up to six months.




Sometimes you just want to go out for a run, without your smartphone—but still want to log your data. Enter UA’s Gemini 2, a souped-up version of the company’s most popular running shoe. Embedded in the soles are tiny sensors that track distance, calories, and pacing, then synch the info to UA’s Record app. And because your feet are closer to the ground than a wrist wearable, the data collected will likely be more accurate. These $150 sneaks even track wear-and-tear, letting you know when it’s time to replace them; important info for serious runners who need to replace their kicks every couple of hundred miles.


Forget invasive temperature-takers you stick in your ear, under your tongue, or…elsewhere. Tap the green rubber tip of this digital thermometer to your forehead for a mere two seconds, and 16 sensors take 4,000 measurements to see if you’re feverish. The results are displayed via a white LED display, and sent, via Bluetooth or wifi, to a free smartphone app that can keep track of multiple users. Available in March for $100.




Most fitness trackers monitor your sleep, but who wants to wear an uncomfortable wristband to bed? With Sleep Number’s $1,000 It bed, you don’t have to. The foam-based (as opposed to air) mattress has  “Sleep IQ” technology and embedded sensors in it to monitor your heartbeat, your breathing, and how much you toss and turn, then gives you scores based on your biometrics. Available online, with shipping right to your bedroom.

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4 Apps You Need To Become More Productive

As technology can be seen as a distraction in the workplace, it can also be utilized to boost productivity throughout your day. And no, this doesn’t include scrolling through Facebook or live Tweeting your co-workers arguments (although very entertaining);  these are apps that aid in making your workday easier!


Create a virtual notepad with Evernote.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.37.05 PM

Evernote allows you to store all your thoughts, ideas, and plans in one place — instead of keeping them in your head, where they’re bound to be forgotten. You can add everything from text and photos to webpages and audio files.

When you feel like one of those bits of information would come in handy, you can find it easily from your smartphone or computer.

Cost: Free (basic level)

Available on:iOS, Android

Keep track of to-do lists with Wunderlist.

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The ultimate get-stuff-done app lets you keep private lists and receive reminders about upcoming appointments, plus share lists with friends, family, and colleagues so you can collaborate on projects.

Wunderlist syncs with your other devices so you can access that information anywhere.

Cost: Free

Available on:iOS, Android


Track your productivity with Forest.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.38.55 PM

Forest tracks your productivity and lets you visualize your progress in the form of a tree. If you stay focused for 30 minutes, the tree blooms fully; if you leave the app during that time period, the tree dies.

The goal is to eventually have a forest of trees that represents the hard work you put in.

Cost: $0.99

Available on:iOS, Android


Set up appointments easily with Sunrise Calendar.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.40.32 PM

This app comes with a number of cool features — for example, when you’re emailing with someone about arranging a meeting, you can pull up your calendar and send them a link to your available time slots. Sunrise syncs with LinkedIn and Twitter, so you can see the photos and bios of people you’re meeting.

The app supports several Google calendars as well as Exchange and iCloud.

Price: Free

Available on:iOS, Android


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