There is nothing worse than doing everything right, by the books, to realize you aren’t reaching your end goal weight…When the sweat, blood and tears don’t quite get you to your goal, there may be an underlying habit that is stopping you… Take a look at these 4 habits that may be robbing you from your goal weight:

You’re opting for diet soda.

Diet soda lures you with the promise of being a healthier option, but that’s hardly the case. Research shows that calorie-free, artificially-sweetened drinks may actually contribute to weight gain and increase cravings for real sugar. Opt for water instead.

You’re watching your favorite show while you eat dinner.

Sorry, “House of Cards” fans. You may want to pause your marathon when you’re eating. People tend to consume more when they’re distracted than they would if they were mindfully focusing on their meal, according to Harvard Health. It all comes down to your brain processing what’s going on in your body, which it can’t do as effectively when you’re watching Frank Underwood tear through the White House.

You’re not eating enough.

Kiss that cleanse goodbye. Slashing calories isn’t always the best way to get healthy, particularly if it means you’re not getting any nutrients at all. The ideal avenue to a healthy weight is to engage in a balanced diet. That means eating plenty of natural fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats

You’re not sleeping enough.

Getting proper rest can improve every aspect of your life — including the number on the scale. Research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. Rack up Zs to help drop pounds.


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