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Ladies! The Perfect Meal for the Woman’s Body

Eating healthy can be a complex winding road, especially when you want to specialize your foods to benefit your personal body and lifestyle. As a woman, we have special needs that men don’t specifically need in their diets, so watch this video below to get the ideal foods for your body:

Women: It’s Time You Rock Your Super Woman Cape

According to the new, Women’s Leadership Study, the majority of women desire leadership positions in the workforce, but many of them find it next to impossible to make those aspirations reality. Well ladies, bust out your super woman cape and get ready to conquer the workforce because Dr. Bernice Ledbetter, Practitioner Faculty of Organizational Theory and Management, Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT, has offered her tips to boost your confidence and help develop your leadership skills: Who Run’s the World? GIRLS!

  1. Attend industry specific seminars. Almost every industry from law to ACCOUNTING to public policy has associations that put on seminars and conferences. Universities and companies also host industry and issue specific events that are a great way for women to hear from seasoned executives in their profession, learn tips for advancement and find out about new trends and developments in their field. Becoming more immersed in your field and further developing your expertise is one of the best ways to move up the career ladder.
  1. Seek out ONLINE TRAINING.There are number of free, helpful online resources that can guide your leadership development. For example, the website Mind Tools has a large index of articles offering advice on topics such as how to delegate effectively, how to build a positive team and how to be an authentic and ethical leader.
  1. Enroll in a CERScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.50.35 PMTIFICATION PROGRAM. A number of schools, including the Pepperdine Graziadio BUSINESS SCHOOL, have certificate programs that are short day or week-long programs that train for a specific discipline. These programs are designed for working professionals and provide the opportunity to meet other like-minded people in the same field. The benefit of getting a formal certification is that in addition to learning valuable information you have a formal credential to add to your resume.
  1. Get an MBA. Going back to school and getting an MBA or a MS degree IN MANAGEMENT and leadership is one of the best ways to develop your leader identity. Higher education helps many students, especially women, develop the confidence, credibility and expertise they need to advance in their career. Not only do you master technical skills such as finance, accounting and marketing you learn critical human skills such as how to manage group dynamics and effectively lead a team.



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