That looming deadline is staring you in the eyes and sweat beads from stress are dripping down your neck and to top it off your dead tired because its the afternoon and you haven’t gotten out of your swivel chair since 9am…. I don’t know about you, but that alone makes me want to throw in the towel and unfortunately, most likely each of us have endured that day once or twice. But I have good news! The work hacks listed below will surely kick all of those unwanted side effects to the curb! Cheers to a solid productive day filled with Wins!


Schedule a meeting at 3 p.m.

The panicked preparation that comes with an early-morning meeting doesn’t do anyone any favors. The best time to schedule that catch up? According to one study, that would be 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, Inc. reported. The time is late enough in the day where you can get tasks done beforehand but still have time to accomplish items in the meeting without encroaching on the end of the workday.


Or, better yet, schedule a walking meeting.



Exercise, fresh air, no computer… what more could you want? Emerging research shows that walking meetings can boost creativity and employee engagement. Company leaders, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, are also big fans. But if that still doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: Studies show walking can drastically improve your health and boost your mental well-being.


Watch a puppy video.

In case you really needed an excuse to watch these adorable puppies discover the joy of a slide, do it for your productivity. A 2012 study found that watching cute videos may actually improve your concentration. Now that’s a real mood booster.


Eat citrus.

Research shows the scent of tangy fruits like oranges and lemons can helpimprove alertness. Snacking on them also helps you get your daily dosage of Vitamin C, which has a host of health perks. Orange you glad you have an energy boost? (Sorry.)

Leave your work at work.

Smartphones have blurred the lines between the office and home, which can quietly destroy your workday productivity. Constantly checking your inbox or taking care of a quick task after hours makes you highly susceptible to burnout.

Try to check out of work when you leave for the day. Home is where the heart is — not where the email is. Your workday productivity will thank you.


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